RoHS statement

In order to meet RoHS instruction strictly, Nanjing Sunrise Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. set up the complete management procedure for deleterious hazardous substances, make up excellent green supply chain with the co-operator, at present all the products are accorded with RoHS instructions.
Below is Galaxy's soldering heat standard temperature
Max. value of Limited materials in RoHS standard
Hg 0.1% weight 1000 ppm
Cd 0.01% weight 100 ppm
Pb 0.1% weight 1000 ppm
Cr +6 0.1% weight 1000 ppm
PBB 0.1% weight 1000 ppm
PBDE 0.1% weight 1000 ppm
RoHS Escape clause
  Pb can be allowed as a alloy impure element in Cu, the weight should be below 4%; in Steel, the weight should be below 0.35%; in Al, the weight should be below 0.4%.
Pb can be allowed in the glass of electron components.
Pb can be allowed in electron ceramic products.
Pb can be allowed in high temperature soldering.
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SGS report
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